Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Delay - Order Today!

Power Tea is a drink that receives heavy promotion in Cameroon. The local radio stations broadcast extended advertisements that extol the benefits of its regular use. When I first heard these spots, I actually thought they were saying “Poverty” rather than “Power Tea”, so I was a bit confused as to how being impoverished could be so healthy for a person. In any event, I was curious to learn more about this miracle elixir, so I picked up a pamphlet that provides further details. Based on what I read, I think Power Tea just might be the cure for all of our ills. Have a look at the list below and judge for yourselves. I’m now taking orders for international shipping. As an incentive, I’m offering a discount on the Man Strong powder, for a limited time only.


Anonymous said...

Move over, Ponce, you only sought the fountain of youth. Connecting dots: cure constipation, inhibit diarrhea - the loose goose? Increase appetite, lose weight: Given my Mediterranean DNA, looking at food increases my waistline; to eat more and lose weight - a dream come true. Sex, sex, sex - how can you drink yourself into better sex? I always found drinking inhibits sex - oops, TMI. The puzzlement: how does a drink differentiate between men and women when it comes to wrinkles? It's especially good for smoothing out wrinkles in women - does that mean the tea detects the x/y chrommo difference? Now that is a smart brew. If you leave a soft drink open long enough, does the sugar dissipate so that a diabetic can drink it or does the taste simply go flat, sugar be damned? As a male, the limp node is, of course, top of mind, but I really am curious about that wrinkle claim. What Jan blahs! Victor

Anonymous said...

Your retirement plan is secure. Now you just need to do some before and after pictures and we will all be sold!