Sunday, January 22, 2012

And "VIP" Stands For.....

The hair salon business in Bamenda is competitive to the point of being cut-throat, which is exactly what the customer seems to fear in the sign below advertising VIP Cuts. This leads me to wonder what "VIP" might mean:

Various Injuries Possible?

Vanity In Peril?

Visitors Instantly Panicked?


Anonymous said...

This is definitely not as funny nor as intriguing as Dr Mofo. One can easily see why very important people would want to go to a VIP hair salon - it's about entitlement or is that titlement? We could be verging on a volume inhibitor program here. After all these years of going bald, my only reason for getting a haircut is to inhibit volume so that I can put a baseball cap on in summer and a silly hat on in winter. Taking a left turn in this story... recently, I witnessed a new reason for wearing a baseball cap - one I never thought of or needed. I visited my nephew in London, Ontario, last weekend. On Sunday morning he took a bath with his 2 year old son. Since a bath is not a shower [obviously], he was unable to wash his hair [and subsequently gel it into the style he is entitled to]. So he wore a baseball cap all day, including during meals - he was having a bad hair day and vanity would not allow him to exhibit such a faux pas in style. So if gelling is involved, along with a certain amount of hair styling, then maybe we have a vanity imposition posture here. For me, it would be a vain impossibility position. Value in-put might work in a more generic sense, if indeed there is value to getting a haircut for any reason other than functional ones. Depending on the essence used to staunch the bleeding after a shave, we might consider volatility in the puss as a meaning. I get the impression there is a comb and clippers involved here, and not scissors and a razor - that might indicate high end service akin to taking the Via One train to London where you get fed bonbons along with booze. I'm stretching here - going tangent - not on topic - sorry, MoFo is much more interesting. Victor

cochrane said...

Wow. Amusing yet creepy.