Monday, September 27, 2010

Watch That Acronym

Many of you have noted that the Canuck Amuck blog has been rather quiet as of late. Very true! The sad thing about my time here in Tajikistan is that while there have been plenty of things to write about over the summer, not many can be shared in a public forum such as this, for reasons of confidentiality and job security. And while Tajikistan does have its share of interesting experiences, life here in Dushanbe is quite similar to what I (and the rest of you) experience in Canada, Holland, the U.S. or elsewhere, so it becomes difficult to get motivated to write about things that we all know too well.

But the following item in the weekly online newspaper for expats living in Dushanbe did catch my eye and make me laugh, so I thought it was worth sharing. Enter this contest at your own risk!

The Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan announces a contest of logo for donor anticorruption initiative

Switzerland’s development cooperation activities aim at improving living conditions for the world’s most disadvantaged people. Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan works in partnership with other donor organizations with the aim to achieve sustainable development through promotion of transparent, accountable and effective public institutions; equitable access to good quality public services; sustainable, private sector-led growth.
The Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan is a member of the Donor Anti-Corruption Forum in Tajikistan (DAFT), which is an informal group of international donor for anti-corruption issues in Tajikistan. DAFT’s overall objective lies in devising an effective action plan with the aim:

• to implement a formal approach through which a core group establishes contact with the Tajik Government on anti-corruption issues; and

• to raise the concept of the Donors' Anti-corruption Forum in Tajikistan as a focal point for the coordination point for project work and engagement with the Tajik Government on anti-corruption issues.

In order to raise the public knowledge about the Donor Anti-Corruption in Tajikistan, and further enhance its visibility, Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan announces a contest for creating a Logo for the DAFT among local artists and designers.

Selection criteria:
- content/reflection of the subject
- artistic/design quality/professionalism
- technical quality

Requirements to contestants:
- personal info in brief
- maximum quantity of draft logos submitted: 2
- minimal resolution: 300 d/i
- size: 2 Mb

Honorarium: Total prize for the successful Logo is 400 USD.

All the proposed Logos meeting the above requirements should be submitted either electronically via email or saved at media device, or in a hard copy (A4 format) in a sealed envelope to address given below. .

How to apply:

If submitted as a hard copy: in a sealed envelope indicating the subject DAFT LOGO CONTEST and containing contact info of the applicant to the following address: Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan: Dushanbe, 3 Tolstoy street;
Tel: (+992 37) 224 73 16, 224 38 97

If by e-mail: with the subject line indicating DAFT LOGO CONTEST

Deadline for submission of the complete application package: October 15, 2010