Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Pink House


Anonymous said...

Do you have a mailing address? Maybe we can mail you some Protein Bars or something? :) As long as they don't get confiscated at customs!!
Your place looks very cozy! The shower looks interesting... Cold water only I presume? At least there's a toilet! I could live mostly anywhere, as long as there's a toilet!
Just so you know, it snowed AGAIN yesterday and it's freaking cold!!
Talk soon!

Anonymous said...

It must be a guy thing, but I quite like your digs. Pink is obnoxious and not really a colour [a failed attempt at being red]. But the inside is quite unexpected. I had visions of a dirt floor with those pesky barnyard bullies scratching away at dung beetles. The walls could probably use some fresh paint or white wash; the furniture ain't too bad for a room where a bunch of guys might swill beer and watch footie. I think the sweat spot at hair level on the beach chair is a bit over the edge, as it were. The mozzie net over the bed lends a bit of Raffles raffishness to it. The indoor kitchen leaves a lot to be desired, but then why would you need much of a kitchen to cook YAM. The western style flush toilet is a prize indeed, even if it works only occasionally. You have no idea what it's like to live with the alternative [as in Asian flush toilet and/or no toilet at all -- welcome to the outhouse or back woods]. A cold water shower has merit only in a steamy climate. At our posh condo in Forest Hill, we have not had hot water for the last 2 days. Needless to say, I have not showered in two days and am getting tired of using cologne to mask the effect. My monthly condo fee is more than a year's salary for your local friends. And I can't get hot water in January. At this moment in time, I almost envy you....almost....Victor

Anonymous said...

Glenn, I was impressed by your digs too. The Pink House leaves me with a certain je ne sais ... "villa-like" feeling complete with cultural accents. I refer to the Van Gogh on your kitchen wall, and the bottle of Amerone on the kitchen table ... which I suspect goes very nicely with fresh bush meat sauteed over a slow burning propane flame, candied yam-cakes, and flambeyed bananas (do I see some on the kitchen table?) for dessert (spelled with two s's because you always want two servings). You waited so patiently to get your visa to Nigeria, and I can see now that it was all worthwhile ... Should I take off my frosted glasses now ...?

Jenn said...

Strangely, this looks the same as your place in TO. I don't think you took as much care to decorate the bathroom, but still... where are the pictures of the kids on the fridge? Wait... where is the fridge?