Saturday, August 4, 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Attendance at this year's fair is expected to reach an all-time high.

I wanted to go in, but I wasn't sure if they would like me as a customer.

For some reason, sales of Masarch seem to be off.

For those who thought pliers were their only option.

The good doctor's techniques were rumoured to be somewhat invasive.


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Anonymous said...

I was in Washington, DC, when this blog arrived and so was unable to post a comment.

I may not use the "be there or be dead" reference in any of my marketing efforts - a bit too strong for Canadian tastes. We are a so called mild and reticent lot. Threats of death do not induce us to show up at the CNE in Toronto.

At first, I didn't understand your caption about Masarch. I couldn't read the full sign in the picture - aging eyes and all that. Then I realized it was a reference to traditional Chinese medicine: acupuncture, massage, tea. One can do a riff on "mass arch", but I will control myself this time.

Did you notice the byline tucked in the corner of the sex doctor's sign? We care but God cures....or was it "we cure but God cares"? Memory lapse due to old age. Either way, I doubt it would give me much confidence to visit that doctor for anything...he either doesn't care or can't cure....and that doesn't even consider what he might do to me to flush out any diseases I might have contracted. Too gruesome to think about.

Do you need confidence to go into a confidence store? what the hell do they sell in a confidence store? is it one of those sex related things again - like penis extension treatments or viagra prescriptions? are there potions for winning races or making a fortune? OR is this some kind of subtle and sly psychiatric treatment centre where they talk you down from your neuroses and build up your ability to face the world unhinged by reality? What an intriguing sign - Confidence Store. It fairly boggles the mind with potentiality and possibility for interpretation. Enlightening. Victor

Patty Stuchberry said...

LOVE IT Glenn! And I'm so happy you represented Belo in your blog! I'm wondering where you found the "flushing" doctor sign...haven't noticed that one around Bamenda!