Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day in Cameroon

With a healthy number of Canadians in the Bamenda area, we decided that we couldn't let Canada Day pass without celebrating our country. A party with an emphasis on Canadian food, customs and quirks was organized and our fellow volunteers and Cameroonians were invited to participate. Feasting on poutine, nanaimo bars and a reasonable substitute for Screech, everyone enjoyed the visit to Canada for a day. The following pictures provide proof that on July 1st, everyone was a Canuck Amuck:

The Stanley Cup Air Hockey Tournament was intense.

In order to give everyone an experience unique to Canada, we organized a Screech-In to make those "from away" into honourary Newfoundlanders. As the closest person we had to a Newfoundlander, I volunteered to be the MC for the event, with the help of a very kissable Cameroonian cod.

After a successful Screech-In ceremony, the new Newfoundlanders
 celebrated by dancing a jig  to "I'se the B'y".

The Canadian anthem was sung proudly and mostly in tune.

Guessing which Canadian icon one was proved puzzling in some cases.

The assembled guests showing off their red and white colours.

All of the Canadians standing in front of our flag.

No Canada Day party is complete without a bonfire.
And no one can start a bonfire like a group of Canadian women.

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cochrane said...

I continue to be impressed by your creativity and total lack of concern for dignity of your fellow Canadians. I'm taking notes!

Great work, do us proud!