Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yakshanbe in Dushanbe

In the Tajik language, "Dushanbe" means "Monday", and as the story goes, the capital city received its name for the large market that was held here each Monday. "Yakshanbe" means "Sunday", so you can either read the title of this blog entry as "Sunday in Dushanbe" or "Sunday in Monday", which sounds like a reject from the Mamas and the Papas. Either way, these are some of the pictures I snapped on a brilliant Yakshanbe afternoon in the capital.

The park next to my flat.

Opera House plus fountain and elephant. The elephant isn't mine.

Rudaki Avenue - the main boulevard in the city.

The statue of Samani, founder of the Samanid dynasty and a dead ringer for Sean Connery.

The Presidential Palace at the centre of the city.

Fountains in the central park.

Fountains in the central park.

Mother and daughter in the "Naughty Cat" (?!) Bouncy Castle.

Pirate Ship swing at the carnival, which runs daily throughout the Spring and Summer.

Ferris Wheel with a somewhat alarming tilt.

Mother and daughter on the Flying Swings.

Waiting for their turn.
Bus stop at the carnival site.


Anonymous said...

hey there glenn, cant believe it that you were in cameroon, we did a year there in the north west province and now we're thinking of going to tadjikistan. could we get in touch? marcus and babette holland

Glenn said...

Hi, Marcus and Babette,

Sure, you can contact me at my email address: Happy to talk about Tajikistan!