Monday, April 28, 2008

My Birthday Party (aka Queen's Day Celebration)

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Anonymous said...

Alas for the Orange Free State. Glad this was a House of Orange party and not an Orange Lodge do with a strong Anglo-Irish hate on.

So, you're 39! I know you are too young to realize just how magical an age that is -- on the cusp of being 40, but just leaving 30-something-hood. It was Jack Benny's favorite birthday, so much so, that he celebrated it again and again every year until he died at the age of 80-something.

My b'day is the end of June, just as all of Canada celebrates the national b'day July 1. I've always contended that all those fireworks are for me, and enjoy immensely the annual adulation.

I've got to rush off for a meeting. Just want to wish you a belated HB....see you soon....victor